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BETOOLL HW9003 Argon/CO2 Mig Tig Flow Meter Gas Regulator Gauge Welding Weld


  • Brand New BETOOLL Argon / CO2 regulator and flow meter.
  • Flow Meters are more accurate than the flow gauge regulators.
  • The pressure gauge which shows how much gas is left in the tank goes from 0 to 4000 psi.
  • And this flowmeter does not use a diaphragm, so it is more reliable than the flow-gauge style regulators.
  • The output flow is adjustable from 10 to 60 cfh (cubic feet per hour), and is indicated by a ball which moves up and down in the flow tube.

RX WELD Argon CO2 Regulators Gauges Gas Welding Regulator CGA580 Compatible with Miller Lincoln Mig Tig Weld 0-4500PSI / 0-10BAR


  • 1.VERSATILE APPLICATIONS FOR CGA-580 Tanks: This Gas Pressure Regulator/Flowmeter Can Be Used with Argon, Helium and CO2 Gas Tanks (CGA-580 Inlet)
  • 2.Features: 2″ dual-gauges for easy reading.
  • 3.Safe Design: Accurate measurement of gas. Internal safety pressure relief design.
  • 4.Specifiction:Brass regulator body,CGA580 fitting, FEMALE 5/8″ Outlet
  • 5.Plastic adjustment knob for smooth “easy touch” flow settings.

Industrial Argon Regulator/Flowmeter Gauges for MIG and TIG Welders + 5 Feet Hose – SÜA


  • Argon Regulator for Shield Gas in TIG and MIG Welding
  • Gas Service: Argon, Argon/CO2 Mixtures, Helium – Inlet Connection: CGA-580
  • Three Outlet Connection Options: 9/16″ Male, 5/8″ Female and Hose Barb
  • Inlet Gauge: 0-400 psi – Dual Scale Outlet Gauge: Argon 0-30 CFH and CO2 0-20 CFH
  • Includes 5 Feet Argon Hose with 5/8″-18 Male Fittings in Both Ends. Fits flowmeter and all major welder brands. Designed for MIG and TIG welding

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Victor Inert Gas Argon Regulator EDGE 2.0 Flow Gauge, ESS32-80CFH-580, 0781-3641


  • Single Stage Argon Regulator
  • Outlet Connection 5/8″-18 F RH
  • Pressure Range 0 to 40 psi
  • Supply Pressure Gauge 3000 psi
  • Meets ELT, CGA E-4, UL 252, ASTM G175 Standards

CO2/Argon Regulator and Flow Meter, 0-60CFH CGA580 Inlet Argon Welding Regulator, Max 4000PSI Inlet Pressure,all Copper Gas Regulator Gauge for Mig Tig Welding


  • Argon regulator CO2 regulator, suitable for argon, hydrogen, Helium, CO2 mixed gas tank, ideal for TIG and MIG welding
  • The adjustment range of the welding regulator is: 0-4000 PSI,The output flow range is 10- 60 cfh (cubic feet per hour),and the ball in the flow tube can clearly and accurately display the output flow
  • The regulator and flow meter with CGA-580 tank fitting,the outlet can fit Female 9/16″ x 18 nut or male 5/”8 x 18 fitting, Also comes with a standard 1/4″ barb fitting
  • The flowmeter tube is made of impact-resistant composite material,Anti-drop explosion-proof, high safety performance,and the parts are made of brass,Firm and reliable, the thread standard has good sealing performance, anti-leakage, no rust, compact structure
  • With glass dial,the numbers are clearly visible,no diaphragm design, with precise gas measurement, integrated design of gas regulator gauge, easy to operate

Forney 85363 Argon/CO2 Regulator Kit for Mig Welder, 5/32-Inch


  • Designed for light and medium MIG and TIG applications
  • Provides accurate flow of gas
  • Dual scale-gauge with impact resistant polycarbonate lens and machined brass body for maximum durability
  • Does not come with the 4mm hose

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AWLOLWA Argon CO2 Regulators Gauges Gas Welding Regulator CGA580 Mig Tig Weld 0-4500PSI / 0-10BAR


  • Designed for MIG & TIG applications and provide accurate regulation of gas flow.
  • Argon gauge 0 to 4500PSI.
  • 2″ dual-gauges for easy reading.
  • Brass regulator body; CGA580 fitting, FEMALE 5/8″ and MALE 9/16″ Outlet
  • Plastic adjustment knob for smooth “easy touch” flow settings; Ideal for commercial, industrial and laboratory applications.

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Victor Technologies 0384-2540 Medalist 250 System Medium Duty Cutting System, Acetylene Gas Service, G250-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator


  • Gas Service: Acetylene, Oxygen Regulators: G250-150-540, Fuel Gas Regulator: G250-15-510
  • Cutting Tip: 0-3-101
  • Welding Nozzle: 0-UM-250
  • CA411-3 Cutting Attachment
  • Combines the best of Victor cutting performance with uncompromising value
  • All-new WH411C torch handle provides a more ergonomic grip
  • Made of a high-strength alloy, more durable than a standard brass handle
  • Color-coded knobs reduce confusion when operating the torch
  • Built-in check valves for safety

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YaeTek Argon CO2 Regulators Gauges Gas Welding Regulator CGA580 Mig Tig Weld 0-4500PSI / 0-10BAR


  • Material: brass bodyting
  • Argon gauge 0 to 4500PSI.
  • CGA580 fitting.
  • FEMALE 5/8″ and MALE 9/16″ Outlet
  • 100% Brand New Compatible with Miller Lincoln Tig Mig Weld

ZenStyle Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Cutting Torch and Welding Kit Portable Oxy Brazing Welder Tool Set with Two Hose,Regulator Gauges,Storage Case


  • 【Top Quality】Our cutting torch and welding kit adopt high quality strong materials with heavy duty construction.Durable and sturdy for use.The set includes oxygen regulator,torch handle,acetylene regulator
  • 【Outstanding Performance】The oxygen & acetylene welding kit enables you to cut up to 6” and weld or braze up to 1/2” with appropriate tips. Full 2 1/2” diam high capacity oxygen and acetylene regulators provide optimal performance. Acetylene Tank Connector: CGA-510 Fits all Acetylene Cylinders EXCEPT Sizes MC and B;Oxygen Tank Connector: CGA-540 Fits all American Oxygen Cylinders
  • 【Considerate Design】The welder tool set comes with readable and legible dual scale 2-Inch gauges.And a large brass handle is designed for smooth,accurate adjustments
  • 【Complete Accessories】The portable oxy brazing welder features with hoses,welding and cutting torches,tip cleaners and spark lighter.There is a heavy duty molded storage case packing a spanner for easy carrying and transport
  • 【Wide Range Uses】The gas welding kit is perfect for amateur metalworker or seasoned professional with business or home application.Ideal for many occasions such as welding,soldering,brazing,rivet cutting,hard-facing and metal heating process. Tips: Take the set to your local welding supply if you don’t know what tanks to buy to complete this,they will fit you proper tanks needed

Genuine Victor G150-60-580 Argon Regulator with Hose, 0781-4236


  • For use with Argon
  • 10 FT Hose
  • CGA-580 Inlet Connection
  • Ergonomic color-coded adjustment knob, High contrast gauge face
  • High strength alloy bonnet, Compact design

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Set of Medium Duty Victor Oxygen & Acetylene Regulators w/Metal Gauge Guards ***


  • Set of Medium Duty Regulators with METAL guards
  • Easy to read high contrast gauges for clarity. Scale and red tick mark to indicate actual service pressure.
  • Color Coded Knobs indicate gas type. Designed for better comfort when adjusting gas pressure.
  • High Strength alloy bonnet with nearly twice the yield strength of brass.
  • Lower profile regulator with less knob stick out.

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Victor Technologies 0384-2050 Contender Heavy Duty Cutting System, Acetylene Gas Service, ESS3-15-510 Fuel Gas Regulator


  • Gas Service: Acetylene, Oxygen Regulators: ESS3-125-540, Fuel Gas Regulator: ESS3-15-510
  • Cutting Tip: 1-1-101
  • Heating Nozzle: 6-MFA
  • CA 2460 Cutting Attachment
  • Includes: ESS4 Series regulators; 315FC torch handle with built-in flashback arrestors and check valves; CA 2460 cutting attachment; cutting heating nozzle; T-grades 20′ x 1/4″; striker

SÜA – Oxygen and Acetylene Regulators Welding Gas Gauges -Pair – Rear Entry – LDB series


  • ***PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CONCERNING THIS REGULATOR´S CONNECTORS***: Select any of the options of regulators; Oxygen, Acetylene, or Propane and carefully check, read and make sure you understand the information shown in picture #2. Check all the Pictures with the Dimensions of the Connectors, and make sure that these Regulators fit your Tanks and your Hoses.
  • ***READ THIS***: Small Oxygen Regulator fits all American Oxygen Tanks with CGA-540 Valve, (It will NOT fit any disposable oxygen canisters) – Oxygen Delivery Gauge: 0-100 PSI
  • ***READ THIS***: Small Acetylene Regulator fits ONLY Small Acetylene MC tanks with CGA-200 valve. (It will NOT fit larger acetylene tanks, it will NOT fit any propane tanks and it will NOT fit any disposable MAPP or Propane Canisters) – Acetylene Delivery Gauge: 0-30 PSI
  • ***READ THIS***: Small Propane Regulator fits ONLY industrial or grill style Propane tanks with CGA-510 valve. (It will NOT fit small MC or B acetylene tanks, and it will NOT fit any disposable MAPP or Propane Canisters) – Propane Delivery Gauge: 0-30 PSI
  • **READ THIS**: The hose connectors on these regulators are Type B – 9/16″ – 18 RH & LH. This regulator will NOT fit small hoses with small Type A – 3/8″ connectors.

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SPARC Argon CO2 Flowmeter + Regulator MIG TIG 0-60CFH CGA580 Inlet 2YR USA WARRANTY


  • INLET ✔ CGA580 Bottle Connection for argon and argon, CO2, and helium blend bottles
  • OUTPUT ✔ Female 9/16″ x 18 nut and male 5/”8 UNF-18RH fitting- 1/4″ Hose Barb Adapter Included
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK ✔ Backed by our rock-solid 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We are based out of Denver, CO and offer customer service and support via phone, text, and e-mail.
  • PRESSURE ✔ 0-4000psi inlet pressure, easy-to-read bottle pressure gauge included.
  • IDEAL FOR ✔ Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, HTP, and most other welders!

2 Piece Dual Welding Gas Gauges Oxygen (CGA-540) and Acetylene (CGA-510) Regulators Combo


  • Replacement Oxygen & Acetylene Regulators
  • Oxygen Outlet Pressure: 0-200 PSI | Acetylene Outlet Pressure: 0-30 PSI
  • Oxygen Fitting: CGA540; Acetylene Fitting: CGA510;
  • Made of Solid Brass
  • Please check the item specifications carefully before buying, and make sure that these Regulators fit your Tanks and Hoses.

findmall CGA 510 Acetylene Regulator for Welding Gas Gauge 15PSI Delivery Range


  • Durable Material: The regulator is made of Forged brass, durable and reliable to use.
  • Dimension: 9/16Inch – 18 LH type B-B outlet fitting connect to hose.
  • Parameter: Max inlet pressure 300psi, delivery pressure 0-15 psi.
  • Safety: It can accurately debug pressure, safe and practical.
  • Application: 9/16Inch – 18 LH type B-B outlet fitting connect to hose, accurate control of acetylene flow during gas welding.

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